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Developing Employees

November 19th, 2016 by Mike Kestly

Here in Michigan (like most States), an employee can be fired (unless unionized) for good reason, a bad reason, or no reason.

We here at Kestly Development, have always counseled that managers (at all levels) coach their employees on a monthly basis. That way, you know where you stand. Top employees know that they are meeting their goals, developing their employees and developing personally. They look forward to the monthly meeting – as does their boss. On the other hand, low or average employees, don’t look forward to that monthly meeting – neither does their boss. If  a top employee (manager level) has one employee that is not meeting their goals, it brings down the goals of their department and the larger group. Multiple low/ average performers can bring down an entire organization – catching the interest of top executives. That is one way “shake-ups” can happen where a number of people are released or their job(s) are eliminated.

In a recent Article, this seems to have happened to a HR Director after getting “good” performance ratings.  It seemed the person was unaware of what was coming – so monthly coaching must not have been the company policy.

The monthly coaching can be a 10-minute meeting just to review goals, personal development, and your employee’s development. Quarterly sessions can go into more detail, but then at the end of the year, the performance review (if needed) is basically done.  There are many benefits to monthly coaching, one being that low performing employees definitely know they are not making it… Sometimes they leave on their own, or they make it even easier to exercise the “at-will” option to release them

So, monthly coaching (starting at the top) can be a challenge to get implemented, but worth the effort.


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