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Developing Employees

May 20th, 2017 by Mike Kestly

You hired a new employee and think they are great. Your entire has staff interviewed them. The new employee fits the culture of your company and is off to a good start.

A few months have passed and now things just “aren’t working out”. You’re frustrated and beginning to think you’ve made a big mistake. Where did you go wrong? This person seemed like a good candidate.

Sound familiar? This is a common problem. Performance management “sounds” pretty simple, but in fact is difficult to actually pull off.

So, let’s take the example of the employee who just isn’t “working out”. Is there a regular process of communicating with the employee about their performance? Have you communicated your performance expectations clearly?

If you were to ask the employee to list their top 5 key responsibilities and rank them, would their list match your list (this is typically where the process goes off the rails)?

Employers have expectations of the employee, but do not clearly articulate those expectations. Employees think one priority ranks as number one and that same priority is not even on the employer’s list – this is a huge problem and one that can’t be blamed on the employee.

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