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Developing Employees

October 6th, 2017 by Mike Kestly

In a recent article in Inc.com we learned what top organizations are doing about selection – attracting top talent and hiring the right employees. As you probably know, this is a constant challenge – especially for small and midsize businesses with fewer resources and, often, less structured recruiting and hiring processes.

Salary and benefits are important in attracting top talent, but they’re no guarantee that a new hire will succeed. Much more critical is the structured approach an organization takes to establish the best possible “fit”–between a candidate’s strengths, needs, and wants and the particular skills, talents, and approach to work that the job and culture require. Incorporating the use of proven, validated assessment tools at the start of the process is one important way that any business–large or small–can hire smarter, create unique competitive advantages, and become great places to work.

According to The Aberdeen Group, businesses using assessment data in recruitment and hiring are 36 percent more likely than others to be satisfied with their new hires. And pre-hire assessments, specifically, can have a major impact on time and cost per hire, hiring manager satisfaction, employee retention, performance, and engagement. Here is how…

Organizations that integrate selection assessments, like PXT Select, into their hiring process add the critical “human element” that more accurately predicts job success than anything else.

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