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August 8th, 2018 by Mike Kestly

What happens when an argument breaks out between team members? Arguments can be bad, and they can be good – really good.


Conflict, almost any conflict can be uncomfortable or it may be an enlightening and thought provoking match because it may allow you to get closer to the truth. That truth can lie somewhere between two opposite points of view. Usually, the diverse personality profiles of the people on either side comprise different personality styles.


So, let’s take a different look at the power of diversity, and the reason it can be misunderstood and under-utilized in many organizations. Without conflict and trust, even diverse groups won’t go the limit to have a free exchange of ideas.


We all know that people with different perspectives and diverse backgrounds usually make better decision, they find more creative answers to the problems that teams face.

WE can help you with your teams, their “trust” levels, and making conflict productive. This video will help bridge the the questions and answers. https://youtu.be/3bKOBmLVo_Y

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