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Developing Employees

October 4th, 2018 by Mike Kestly

Wikipedia describes full employment as the level of employment at which there is no cyclical or deficient-demand unemployment. Some (economists) reject full employment and see inflation as being a likely consequence.

Does this mean that when hiring, you are contributing to inflation?  And will this result in increased interest rates? And with inflation, you will need to pay higher wages and pay new hires more than the market values?

No matter who you hire – it better a great with the job and the culture of the organization. IF you have ever hired someone that didn’t work out – you know how costly that can be. Costing the organization turnover dollars, costing you a  hit to your reputation, and more.

WE can help by using pre-employment and Job Match assessment to significantly increase the success rate of new hires. See SOS And PXT for more info, or ask for a free try-out.

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