a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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ProfileXT, Checkpoint 360,  and more – Case Studies


FEATURED CASE STUDY: How and Why a Large Call Center determined the PXT was the right assessment for them  HR Department determines that the PXT is right for Recruitment, and Training, then finds that it continues to prove itself while trying to disprove its accuracy.

Client uses the CP360 to Develop “Bench Strength” for Succession Planning

HealthCare System increases “Patient Satisfaction” using the Science of the PXT

College uses PXT’s Job Match to increase Quality of Admission Reps

Credit Union increases Retention and Performance with PXT’s Job-Fit

Manufacturer increases Productivity, Retention and Engagement with PXT

Medical Devise Manufacturer increases Sales with PXT Job Match Program

Bank Reduces Turnover for Tellers/CSR’s and increases Productivity with PXT

Automotive Dealer Organization Increases Sales using the PXT