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Kestly Development

Developing Employees

Did you ever hire someone that didn’t work-out?

Now You Can Know Their Skill Level – Even Before You Interview



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Since 2003, eSkill Corporation has helped thousands of companies worldwide identify the candidates that best match job skill requirements. Our advantage is in our advanced software and content that lets organizations customize tests in minutes to fit any job description or testing objective.


At eSkill, we hope to become a trusted part of your hiring process by providing:

·       A flexible online testing platform that lets you pick the subjects, questions, and skill levels you need;

·       The eSkill Editor for creating or uploading your own questions and subjects;

·       An industry-leading library of over 530 modular test subjects and realistic simulation tests, covering a huge array of skilled jobs

·       Consulting services for eSkill application customization, workplace validation and job analysis, or integration into ERP and ATS systems.


eSkill’s online assessments are created and refined by subject matter experts to provide an objective evaluation of competency levels.

Testing the “SKILLS” that “they say they have” means the Right Person for the Job

Over 350 Subjects and 3,400 Topics

Customize tests to fit your jobs in minutes!

Job-based testing made simple and easy
Can be “branded” and customizable!shutterstock_117536320

Skill assessments are the perfect complement to our various assessments

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Pre-Employment Testing – From custom tests you create with your own content, to an extensive list of skills tests covering areas from the MS Office suite, Typing, IT, Language, to Healthcare and a range of other subjects.

eSkill Editor – eSkill Editor allows you to upload custom questions to create comprehensive tests that provide you with all the information you need to choose qualified employees and identify training needs.

Employee Skills Testing – Increase the productivity of your work force with employee assessments that benchmark your employees’ knowledge, identify skill gaps and offer qualified training recommendations.

Subject List – Find the test you’re looking for to cover your pre-employment screening or assist you in assessing current staff for ongoing training. Customize tests from over 350 subjects and thousands of selectable topics.


Types of Tests Available

           Abilities & Aptitudes

           Accounting & Financial

           Application & Web Development

           Call Center

           Databases & Business Intelligence

           Desktop Publishing Software

           Engineering, Industrial & Design

           Enterprise Resource Planning

           Hardware & Networking


           Hospitality Industry

           Human Resources

           Language & Communication

           Legal, Safety & Administration



           Microsoft Office Software

           Operating Systems & Internet Browsers

           Primary Work Skills

           Safety (works for new candidates and current employees)

           Sales & Marketing

           Typing & Data Entry



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