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Developing Employees


The ProfileXT® is used primarily for employee selection using “Job Match,” onboarding, managing/coaching, and strategic workforce planning.  See our PXT video


Assessment Overview

The ProfileXT® is a multi-purpose, total person employee assessment used for selection, development, training, managing, and succession planning. The ProfileXT® has multiple uses including as a pre-hire tool to find the best-matched candidate for a particular job. It is also used to develop job descriptions and job performance models. At post-hire, the ProfileXT® reports help managers by providing practical recommendations for coaching them to maximum performance.  To increase retention, the PXT is used to develop a career-path as part of the organizations Succession Planning program.


Types & Uses of Reports

 Individual Profile – Useful to the employee
Provides the employees with information about themselves – a total person overview with learning verbal/numeric abilities, behavioral traits and occupational aptitudes.

 Interview Guides – Useful to the hiring manager
Provides the manager with insights into the person’s thinking style, behavioral traits and occupational interests. This report also includes pages of targeted behavioral based interview questions, and a job match percentage.

Performance Model Comparison (Coaching Report) – Useful for the Supervisor  Provides information about their employees with “management considerations: as coaching suggestions to help increase their productivity.

Strategic Workforce Planning – Useful for succession planning
This report is also included and illustrates the employee’s job match percentage to all job match patterns within the company…giving them a career path.

Candidate Matching – Useful to the hiring manager
Provides an overview of all applicants for a particular job, and their job match percentages ranked in order of highest match to lowest match.

Sample Reports

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PXT Case Study’s – Examples of companies using the PXT

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