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a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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ApplicantPool Applicant Tracking System

Automate your hiring process with ApplicantPool ATS and make your job easier.

We help you get started: posting jobs, sorting candidates using screening questions, turning  candidates into new hires, and generating reports.  We make you look like a star with available integrated Background Checks, Pre-employment Assessments, HRIS and more. Manage your entire hiring process from any location including accessing the programs from your phone. Did you know that 40% of candidates use their phone to apply – if you don’t have a mobile-friendly ATS like ApplicantPool – you are losing qualified candidates. It is very affordable and makes your job easier!

See a short demo.  Then click the ApplicantPool Applicant Tracking System  link to fill-out the form for a live demo. 

Apply for a “Rodeo Clown” at our Kestly Development ApplicantPool site 



This ATS (iApplicants) is being phased-out in favor of the more robust program ApplicantPool. It is still a great program and works well.

iApplicants™ Applicant Tracking System!

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We specialize in Applicant Tracking System, Improving Employee Engagement pre-employment testing, succession planning, leadership development, job match, job fit, employee retention, and Pre-Employment Assessment Test in Detroit, Plymouth, Jackson, Flint, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Toledo Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Saginaw, Bay City, and Lansing MI area.

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