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Kestly Development

Developing Employees

We have entered what we call “the borderless workplace,” an environment in which age, country, gender and organizational boundaries are going away. Thanks to websites like Glassdoor.com, for example, a company’s internal employee satisfaction is now widely available on the Internet. Companies must immediately address employee and customer satisfaction issues, because they will appear on Twitter or Facebook quickly. This new borderless environment means that high-impact HR, and learning and development (L&D) practices must focus on empowerment, knowledge-sharing, the use of social networking for recruiting and learning, and building collaborative leadership skills.

This new “war for talent” will once again differentiate high-performing companies. Citibank, for example, is now reinvesting in its leadership development program because it sees its business starting to grow again. Deloitte is actually building a corporate university, meeting its need to stay ahead of its competitors in professional services and accounting.

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