a strategic business partner of Profiles International

a strategic business partner of Profiles International

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Kestly Development

Developing Employees

Regus sought a relationship with Profiles International in 2008 to improve its hiring criteria and processes, and began using the Profiles XT tool in 2009. Specifically, ideal profiles were developed for the positions of area sales manager and center manager.

Regus has experienced a growth spurt in recent years and company leaders expect similar change in the years ahead. During times of growth, companies often place greater importance on consistency in their decision-making criteria and processes because standards must be communicated to more people in more dispersed locations. Leaders at Regus believe an assessment-guided approach to hiring is helping to ensure that consistency. Without it, hiring decisions might be based too much on incidental variables, such as the rapport between a particular candidate and interviewer.

Finally, assessments can be considered not only in terms of the job being sought today, but also in view of subsequent roles that an applicant might be suited for down the line. In that way, pre-hire assessments can also be valuable in terms of succession management and the continued development of employees at all levels.

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