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Kestly Development

Developing Employees


Mike Kestly

President / Founder – Kestly Development


Mike Kestly started Kestly Development in 2000. Kestly Development helps companies hire and “develop” their people by using online “Job Match” assessments and other online programs. In addition to helping get the right person in the right job, Kestly Development helps develop the Management Team and Succession Planning. To help let the business run smoothly, we also provide online programs that increase efficiency – programs like Applicant Tracking Systems, HRIS system, and online performance review programs.

Prior to starting Kestly Development, he worked for a variety of large corporations, (Johnson Controls, FirstEnergy, Alcoa) helping them and their customers increase productivity and profits. Now, Mike mostly works with Michigan service and manufacturing companies, non-profits, Associations, and Government.

Kestly Development, LLC is a Leadership Development & Employee Selection Organization, and a Wiley Authorized Partner for: PXT-Select, Everything DiSC, & 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

We are an OD/HR organization providing HR related tools and information that makes a hiring manager’s job easier. We provide a variety of online tools and “Supervisor Training” programs that smooth’s out the hiring process, and increases retention. We help organizations hire for reliability-integrity-work ethic and JOB MATCH, succession planning, skills tests, engagement survey, improve customer service, increase sales, team-building, help managers develop their skills, and online applicant tracking systems.

In today’s economy, organizations can increase profitability in a couple of ways. First: You have to put the right people in a job that they enjoy, working for a boss that motivates them, and in an organization that they work hard to help grow. Then, an organization can either increase sales, or reduce expenses to be more profitable… We can help you to do both.


Contact Mike at (734) 483-6453  or mike @ kestlydevelopment.com