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Kestly Development

Developing Employees

We work with HR and Safety Departments in a variety of organizations like manufacturing, banks/credit unions, service organizations, health care, government, insurance, education, transportation and more.


What do we do? Sometimes “a question” can answer a question. Did you ever hire someone that didn’t work out? Was it someone that you thought would be great but they didn’t work out? What did that cost you? Did you ever hire someone because you needed to fill a job fast and yet the person you hired worked out much better than you thought? We can help you so that you have a much higher degree of confidence when hiring, and get all hiring managers using the same scientific, highly validated, reliable program.


Did one of your Executives or manager/supervisors ever want to get some management training – but didn’t know where to start and what training would be best for them?

Do you have a smooth process for screening job candidates, for on-boarding new employees, and making sure their first few weeks of employment are getting them on the right track to increased productivity?

Are your salespeople the best people for the job? Are they as productive as they can be? Are your sales managers able to coach them and know how to successfully motivate them to do their best every day?

Is the management team a group that works well together? Are they spending enough time with their people and yet enough time doing their other daily jobs?

Is your Customer Service as good as you would hope it could be?

Do you have a Succession Plan that has bench-strength and people receiving the development they need to take over the most important jobs in the organization?

Video – what we do: https://youtu.be/F9E5i6TmHxE

We specialize in a few “people” programs including safety assessments for hiring, coaching and employee self-improvement. We can help organizations with other programs like Applicant Tracking System, payroll, pre-employment testing, succession planning, leadership development, job fit, and employee retention, in Detroit, Plymouth, Jackson, Flint, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo, Toledo, the Lansing MI area or an where in the US or Canada.